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Tips to personalize your home’s style

We all love to be surrounded by beauty, and everybody has their own sense of style. This is often reflected in the way one decorates their home, but not everybody has the knack for making every aesthetic item in their living areas work together to create an overall sense of beauty, grace and identity. So if you are looking to do something a little different with the interior of your house, consider these excellent design tips that will completely transform the atmosphere of your house.

High Gloss interior doors

For homes that want to inject a little glamour into their interior, high gloss doors help add to an atmosphere of candlelit halls and vibrant living spaces which are especially good for entrance halls and dining room areas. Admittedly they are not for everyone, but are perfect to match walls with saturated colours and areas that get plenty of sun. They will add to your interior’s sunny demeanour, if that is the look you are going for.

A combination of clashing colours

While this technique can be a little bold for some, when conducted with a little care it can create a vibrant and lively atmosphere in your home. You can make use of every interior surface to make this work, with a custom designed floor, startling wallpaper and ceiling patterns and a mixture of vibrant or well patterned decorations and lamp shades, this look can easily be pulled off. Don’t just pay attention to colours here, stark patterns can add a whole new level of intensity to the look as well.

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Quirks in the Bathroom

Having trouble trying to work space around a window in the bathroom? Consider fitting an upside down mirror to the ceiling, to make better use of space and inject a unique sense of style to your washroom. Mounting a shaving style mirror to the ceiling is certainly an original idea, and if done right can complete even the most inconveniently laid out bathroom by saving space. This idea is perfect for smaller rooms where surface area and wall space is limited.

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Striped wooden floor

Adjust the perception of your living space by playing with patterns and dimensions on the floor of an open space in your home. A striped wooden floor created an interesting visual effect, making the room look larger. Stain thick stripes on a wooden floor before treating it to get this effect. You can also do it on a tiled floor, however the effect isn’t as admirable as it would be on wood. There are, of course a multitude of different ways to spruce up your living spaces by decorating them creatively and in a way that is unique to your particular sense of style, and these are but a few of them. Getting started with interior decorations can get a little overwhelming however, and is something that is often best done with professional assistance. If you would like to know more about getting your home refurbished, consider contacting La Casetta Interiors, a leading interior decorations company in Johannesburg.

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