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Tips to personalize your home’s style

We all like to try our hand at interior decorating at some point or another. Often the need to do so comes from a desire to personalize our living spaces, make better use of the concerned areas, or to try and find clever ways to make the tasks in our homes more convenient. But not everybody is cut out to be a decorator. So in honor of those who tried their best and failed, here are some of the most appalling design ideas that have been incorporated into homes around the world.

The Wall Mounted Washing Machine

I’m not even sure where to start on this one. The problem here seems to be a clear case of not enough space, but if this tiny bathroom was the best place to put a washing machine, then I don’t want to see the state of the rest of the house. Perhaps it was placed there to draw attention away from the pipes hanging out of the wall, the sheer lack of cabinets or the dun colours with unidentifiable stains slapped in a two-tone fashion on the wall… or perhaps it just seemed like a good idea at the time. But besides being somewhat dangerous, mounting a washing machine on a bathroom wall is definitely not the ideal renovation to make in your home.

The unfinished look

There is definitely a sense of style behind giving a living area that concrete, industrial look (though it is probably one better suited to coffee shops and clothing outlets), but I’m not so sure that this home-owner quite got it right. Besides it being a bit of a pig-sty, this room is definitely incomplete, but not in a way that makes it look intentional. The furniture (if you can call it that) doesn’t match, the plastering on the walls gives it a bit of a dungeon look, and the floor seems to be functional in hiding the dirt trodden in from the happy, half-couched mammal, which possibly doubles up as a bean-bag.

Oh the sad clown

Admittedly this is not the worst on the list, but this room’s excellent combination of the clinging to tacky memorabilia and complete lack of effort make it worthy of mention. The painting of the clown is almost comical (ha ha) in the way that it is an icon of a failed art form from our history. The room itself looks unlived in, as though it formed part of a cheap motel next to a train-track… and what is that I spy at the foot of the bed? Is it an unopened suitcase to complete the look?

What happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas

The designer of this room definitely got their sense of identity right, but only if they are a perpetual bachelor (and not the eccentric rich kind). This owner has been busily decorating this tiny space with what they must have felt was a style that gave mega Vegas casinos their grandeur, but succeeded in creating a dirty little hovel of a bro-cave. Why do I say that? Well there is an en-suite Jacuzzi (which has probably been empty or dirty for months), a television with an empty cereal bowl in front of it, and those are definitely weights on the floor. Ten points for personality, but minus five for aesthetics; casinos and homes rarely make a good combination, under any circumstances.

So if you’ve been in the market for some interior decorating, rather avoid being as original as these examples and doing it yourself. Rather have a professional eye assist you with your interior design, rather have a company like La Casetta Interiors handle it for you.

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